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The G&E Hill Foundation's Bike-A-Tyke program, as well as its Thoroughbred Spirit Scholarship program, would not be possible without the generous support of caring people and companies that provide money and resources to purchase and deliver the bicycles to underprivileged children and to afford our organization the where-with-all to present the scholarship awards to deserving youth. It brings us much satisfaction to be about the mission of gifting bicycles to entire neighborhoods of underprivileged children. Meeting this year's goals will mean that thousands of underprivileged children in the Greater Baltimore area will receive the surprise of their young lives -- the most coveted gift of a poor child's life -- a brand new bicycle. 

Thanks to the efforts of individuals, similarly-committed organizations, and corporate sponsors, we will not only be able to provide many of these children in need with bicycles but with follow-up scholarships through our Thoroughbred Spirit Scholarship Awards Program..  
You can help make it all happen!

In the words of David L. Moore, president of Elves & More, "To every child a bike is an unforgettable gift. To an impoverished child, it is even more -- basic transportation. For them, cars are too costly and even bus fare is scarce. Why is this so important?

On foot in a ghetto, everyday life is not only miserably hard but it is also frightfully small. Too often, an underprivileged child afoot stays put -- in an area teeming with resentment, frustration and -- even worse -- hopelessness. That makes it hard for them to believe in a better future.

You can help change that.

Bikes represent hope for these kids, and with hope, a child can make better choices. Like no other gift, a bike helps a child get out of the ghetto to see another side of life. Bikes help kids see that their dreams can become reality.

For some, a bike means participating in after-school programs, going to the library or taking a part-time job. For many it means a welcome break from the relentless boredom and despair that plunge so many into the abyss of drugs and crime. For most, a bike means that someone, somewhere, really does care.

We do!

Bikes change lives. A bike can help a child dream a different future, then take the first steps to go after it."

That is why our mission at G&E Hill Foundation is to bring hope and happiness to poverty's child through its Thoroughbred Spirit Programs that have been set up to donate bicycles to children living in poverty and award follow-up college scholarships to the most desrving of these young people.

So please bring your checkbook, your tools, or both. We hope you will become a part of the fundraising efforts for the most amazing Christmas Give-Away ever!

Thank you for supporting the children!

Gloria T. Hill
Co-founder & Chair
When you make a donation of as little as $25, you will be paying for the purchase and delivery of a bicycle for one underprivileged child. By so doing, you become a member of the Bike-A-Tyke Team and your name will be added to the Bike-A-Tyke Team Members list below. Your name will also be added to the Thoroughbred Spirit Circle (for more on this, click on Thoroughbred Spirit).

Although the strict definition of a tyke is a small child, your $50 will go towards the purchase of a bike for any impoverished child, 4 to 16 years age of age. If you cannot give $50, then give what you can -- $10, $25. Whatever amount you are able to contribute will go towards making sure that some child in need receives a brand new bicycle for Christmas.

To make a donation, click on the DONATE button now. Thank you for supporting our efforts to bring hope and happiness to children living in poverty.

The following individuals and companies made contributions, in 2007 (our 2nd year), in support of the on-going efforts of the G&E Hill Foundation to fulfill its mission -- bringing hope and happiness to poverty's child.
Financial Contributors


$50,000 +


Gloria & Eddie Hill



      $20,000 - $50,000


Nancina Thompson



      $10,000 - $20,000


Tom Freeman



       $5,000 - $10,000


Carol Carter



       $1,000 - $5,000


Wal-Mart Stores:

·        Caroline Davis

·        Joseph Griffin

·        Adler LaFonte

·        George Smith

·        Scott Snyder



   $500 - $1,000


Sadie Thompson




         $100 - $500


Izaac Hester 

Baltimore County Vice & Narcotics Squad

Kenneth Gladden

Betty J. Glascoe

Joan T. Hill

Keith & Wendy Hill

Kevin Hill

Anna Parrish

John & Lucille Peoples 

Joan M. Pratt

Robert Stastny

Nationwide Insurance Agency

Calvin Taylor

Frankel Cadillac Pontiac GMC



          $50 - $100


David Bridges

Gloria Brown

Jessie L. Brown

Harrison & Ruth Hill

Oliver Hill

Paula Horshaw

Joan McCready

Wanda Miller

John & Lucille Peoples

Leonora & Dwight Powell

Janet Kim Thompson

James R. & Renee Thompson

J.R. & Natalie Thompson

Tracy Thompson

Felicia Trower

Dolores L. Winston



           $25 - $50


Barbara & Willie E. Bates

Sharon Baylis

Torrance Bey

Johnie Mae Bispham

Elliot Bratton

Lillie Mae Brooks

Mattie Brownley

Aaron & Patricia Burrell

Clifton Chandler

Jamie Cogburn

Barbara Cooper

Rose Drake

Mary Elmore

Barbara Foster

Theresa Foster

Gloria Freeland

Frank Garland

Franklin Goodwin

Gwendolyn Goodwin

Beverly D. Hall

Norma Herbert

Candace Hill

Turquoise Hill

John & Delores Howell

Barbara Sue Hudson

Mary Hudson

Patricia Hudson

Hattie Jackson

Eunice James

Darlene Johnson

Jackie Love

Ruby McGill

Annette McQueen

Lakeisha Newman-McClendon

Gloria Peoples

Caroline Phillips

Regina Pollitt

Julia Randall-Davidson

Shirley Redd

Shirley Roles

Juanita Scott

Martha Seabrooks

Annette Sharp

Lucille Smith

Montria Spencer

Mary Ellen Thompson

Tavin & Michelle Thompson

Tria Thompson

Laura Wallace

Vinnie Walton

Eleanor Warren

Evelyn Williams

Fred & Dorothy Woodard

Josephine Woodard

In-kind Sponsors



David L. Moore - Elves & More 

United States Marine Toys For Tots:

·       Major William J. Grein

·    Gunnery Sgt. Anthony McGriff

·        Sgt. Wllie Chance

·        Staff Sgt. Thomas Montanaro

·        Staff Sgt. Donell Singleton

      ·        Staff Sgt. Thomas Stradnick
Media Sponsor


Comcast TV - Cn8



We thank all of the Thoroughbred Spirits listed here for making it possible for the G&E Hill Foundation to bring some measure of hope and happiness to the many deserving children in need.



Thank you!


Gloria Hill

Co-founder and Chair

The G&E Hill Foundation's 1st Annual Hope & Happiness Benefit Gala, chaired by Baltimore City Comptroller, Joan M. Pratt, was a huge success. Thanks to all who came out to help celebrate the 5th anniversary of the G&E Hill Foundation at this special event to benefit underprivileged children.
When:  Friday, October 29, 2010
Time:    7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Where: The Forum Caterers, 4210 Primrose Avenue, Baltimore, MD
Event Information:
Chair - Gloria Hill
Co-chair - Joan M. Pratt
Mistress of Ceremony - Ernestine Jones
Musical Selection - Damon Antonio Dunnock
Minister of Comedy - Robert Richardson
Praise Dancers - EBC Mime Ministry (Choreographer - Michelle Middleton)
Mini Fashion Show - Travis Winkey Models
DJ - Jerry Stamper
Lucky winner - Lawrence Waller 
A GospelFest Extravaganza was held to benefit the G&E Hill Foundation's 1st Annual Bike-A-Tyke Campaign, chaired by Baltimore City Comptroller, Joan M. Pratt. Many thanks to all who came out and supported this worthy cause.
When:  Sunday, October 14, 2007, (National Children's Day)
Time:    5:00 PM
Where: Turner Auditorium, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 720 Rutland Avenue, Baltimore, MD
Event Information:
Entertainment by the Unified Voices of Johns Hopkins, a spectacular performing ensemble and gospel choir directed by Dr. Gregory Wm. Branch

Book-signing of Thoroughbred: My House, My Block, by G. Dove Hill, local author and Co-founder of the G&E Hill Foundation (Oprah Winfrey's father, Vernon Winfrey, recently sent a copy of her book to Oprah)

Raffle -- Lucky winners were:
Jonathan R. Williams - A top-of-the-line 26" bicycle
René Henry - A DVD Player

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