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G&E Hill Foundation - Christmas Bicycle Giveaway Program
Bringing hope and happiness to poverty's child!


We at G&E Hill Foundation need your help in order to reach our goal of bringing hope and happiness to as many impoverished children as possible through our annual Christmas Bicycle Giveaway Program. As a volunteer or contributor, you should know what the plan is all about.

The G&E Hill Foundation 2006 Christmas Bicycle Giveaway Program is about making this experience:

  • The most unforgettable and cherished Christmas ever for the children!
  • A memorable volunteer experience for all who donate time and energy!
  • A one-of-a-kind program serving entire neighborhoods!
  • A far-reaching gift of kindness and generosity!
  • A treasured mission that Santa himself would be more than proud of!

Where We'll Deliver Bikes

In general, our neighborhood deliveries will take place in targeted Baltimore City and County communities. There are over 175,000 children living below the poverty line in the city of Baltimore alone, and our goal is to reach as many of them as we can this year.

We must keep the locations of the neighborhoods we plan to visit a closely guarded secret until the day we arrive. We have to do that in order to avoid the likelihood of having far more children "waiting" in a neighborhood than we can serve. If we do not maintain secrecy, not only would our telephones be ringing off the hooks but children would appear from other neighborhoods in such large numbers that they could not be served.

The mission of G&E Hill Foundation is to  bring hope and happiness to poverty's child by donating not only  bicycles to impoverished children but also college scholarships to each bicycle recipient who proves to be a deserving young student upon graduation from high school (with a minimum 3.0 GPA).
We hope you will become a volunteer and support our efforts to make each Christmas Giveaway the most amazing event ever for each lucky recipient of a brand new bicycle!

Thank you for supporting our children in need!

Gloria T. Hill
Co-founder & Chair

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